Russell's Red Team

Russell's Red Apple Team. On top left to right: Jon York, Tony Galvan, Dave Padila, George Skelton, John Nosko, John Armstrong, John Wienke, Pete Nadler, Anthony Martinez, John Macy, Sal Pena. On bottom left to right: John Crumley, Coach Russell Tracy, Feliex Espinosa, Alan Maxwell, Mike Cambridge, Grant Stevens, Greg Berteaux, Jerry Siegel, and Art Baker. CONGRATS To Russell's Red Apple team for winning the First Apple Cup!

Gary's Green Team

Gary's Green Apple team. On top left to right: Jim Phillips, Robert Rochelle, Chevo Flores, Jamie Velasco, Phil Kahn, Steve Williams, Kyle Wilson, Morrey Weiss, Mark Gebhardt, Bill Spaulding, Joe Felicione, Roger Hayes, and Billy Howell. On bottom left to right: Kennedy Scott, Robby Dugan, Dave Thomas, Paul Stricklin, Coach Gary Matteson, Tim Hampton, Steve Tisman, and Lindel Savage.